Conference: The presumption of innocence and trials by the media

Date: 26 to 29 June 2012.
Place: Santander

The presumption of innocence is an essential right in the modern concept of justice.  However, the presumption of innocence provides a shield of protection outside the litigation process, safeguarded by the same judicial process, even though it is not appropriately regulated by law. This shield is directly affected by the advent of “trials by the media.”

The Fernando Pombo Foundation hopes to call attention, both in academic and professional circles, to recent events in the public debate and provide new solutions to the struggle between the presumption of innocence and the right to information.

The Conference features both the interdisciplinary view and the international view. Representatives from different national and international institutions will be present, along with representatives from the judicial system and the media. We will deal with all aspects of the problem; from the relationship between the independence of the judiciary and the media, to the fundamental elements of investigative journalism and the presence of public opinion in judicial processes. From the unique problems that arise from particular  confidential court case investigations in a judicial system based in publicity, to the professional ethics of the players in the judicial process.

This Conference is aimed at everyone in the legal profession (lawyers, judges, public attorneys), professionals working in the media, sociologists, human rights activists , any doctoral students and researchers, as well as anyone who collaborates with the judicial field.

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Introductory address: Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, Minister of Justice. Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Professor of Sociology. Universidad Complutense. Member of the board of trustees of Fernando Pombo Foundation. Joaquín García-Romanillos, President of the Fernando Pombo Foundation.

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