Social responsibility in the legal profession, guided by a sense of solidarity and respect, serves to defend and promote access to justice, the rule of law and human rights.

The activities of the Fernando Pombo Foundation are carried out by members of the legal profession who, motivated by their mission, offer their experience, skills and efforts to the service of those who are most vulnerable. The foundation is open to many forms of cooperation, both personal and institutional.

Volunteer work is essential if we want our activities to have an impact, to accomplish our mission and promote our values. If you wish to become a volunteer for one of the foundation’s projects, please contact us at the email address The Fernando Pombo Foundation needs volunteers and we depend on them.

Additionally, we have created a FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION group to help our message reach those close to the organisation’s founders, managers or volunteers. Being a friend of the foundation means receiving information on the activities being carried out and being called to cooperate as a volunteer in specific campaigns. If you wish to contact this group please use the email address

To request information, you may contact us by writing to or by calling us at (+34 91 582 94 96).