Conference: “Responsibility and Society: Beyond CSR”.

April 8, 2014
Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Auditorium.

For the sixth consecutive year the Centro Pueblos Unidos and the Fernando Pombo Foundation will organize a conference as part of their annual communication forum between businesses and NGO´s. This year it is titled: “Responsibility and Society: Beyond CSR”.

Similar to last year, the objective of the conference will be to reflect on the alarming unemployment situation in Spain. With a secondary aim to encourage cooperation and action against unemployment, the conference is designed to establish the possibility of trust and hope in the area of job placement, through the transmission and exchange of knowledge and experiences with respect to CSR against unemployment. Another goal of the conference is to analyze the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an agent of change in the face of unemployment problems, with the intention of opening a forum for debate and learning regarding best practices in this field.

The Fernando Pombo Foundation presents this conference within the framework of Social Responsibility in the Legal Profession and in the context of the promotion of relationships between businesses and NGO’s. The goal is to foster synergy with a social impact, and, specifically on this occasion, in the field of employment and job placement.

Inscription is free (through the email address: and the conference is intended for advisors and experts in CSR and the non-profit sector.


9.45-10:00 am. Reception.

10.00- 10.15 am. Opening and Welcome.
Joaquín García-Romanillos, President of the Fernando Pombo Foundation.
Higinio Pi, President of the San Juan del Castillo Foundation.

10.15-11.15 am. Master Lecture: “Responsibility and Society: Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility”
Carlos Ballesteros, Doctor of Economy. Professor of the School of Economics and Business Administration of the ICADE.

11.15-11.30 am. Intermission.

11.30 am-12.45 pm. Round table: Good governance and transparency in the fight against unemployment.
Moderator: Alberto Ares, Director of Pueblos Unidos.

Patricia de Roda, Director of the Fundación Lealtad.
Concepción Villalón Blesa, City Councilwoman of the Municipal Administration of the City Council of Alcobendas.
Jaume Gurt, General Director of InfoJobs.

12.45-13.00 pm. Closing and conclusions.
Carmen Pombo, Director of the Fernando Pombo Foundation

13.00 pm. Spanish Wine. Social Initiative Catering: Madrid Multiservice Cooperative “La Almudena”.