Conference: “Social responsibility in the legal profession”

Date: 13 May 2013
Venue: Law Faculty, Pompeu Fabra University


In the framework of the TRAINING PROGRAM FOR LAW UNIVERSITIES ON SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION, managed by Fernando Pombo Foundation, on 13 May, a Master class will be held at the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

On this occasion, the conference titled “Social Responsibility in the legal profession and the pro bono work” is aimed at undergraduates of third and fourth grade of Law school, and it will be organized as a part of the course for Labor Law.

Thru this program, the Foundation intents to reach the future Spanish lawyers so they can get to understand the meaning of the Social Responsibility in the legal profession (SRLP) and to get familiarized with the activities, contents and practices that are encompassed within this denomination. In addition, the program aims to educate students about where and how they can collaborate in SRLP activities and what is the added value of the SRLP.