Course: “Charitable legal practice. Social responsibility in the legal profession”.

Date: May 9, 23 & 30, 15:30-20:00 hrs.
Location: Classroom 40.063 of Pompeu Fabra University School of Law. Barcelona.

Social responsibility is a contribution to social, economic and environmental progress, which, though voluntary, is becoming an essential part of any 21st century company. Regarding the legal profession, not only is it not indifferent to this contribution, its unique characteristics such as knowledge of the legal system and constant contact with cases of injustice and inequality call attorneys to play a fundamental role as leaders and an examples in this act of solidarity.

With the aim of recognizing the value of social responsibility associated with the practice of law and to spread awareness of the key tools and instruments to be a “socially responsible attorney”, the Pompeu Fabra University School of Law and the Fernando Pombo Foundation have joined forces to organize the course “CHARITABLE LEGAL PRACTICE. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION”.

The topics of study in this course are the following:

  • Social Responsibility and the Non-Profit Sector.
  • The System of legal orientation and assistance in Spain.
  • Professional ethics.
  • Right to a Defense.
  • Social Responsibility in the Legal Sector.
  • The role of the legal profession in the fulfillment of Basic Rights.


The course is divided in two parts. The first is composed of 3 theoretical-practical, in-person sessions focused on the analysis and the debate of the topics outlined above, that connect the legal profession and social responsibility. In the second part, we will conduct a research projects on a series of topics, which will be subsequently evaluated.

The course is free and is aimed at Pompeu Fabra University students majoring in Law or with a double major in Law and Economy and Business Administration. Students who complete the course successfully will receive 2 elective credits.

Lawyers have the ability to transform the society that surrounds them, facilitating the exercise of rights and access to justice for the disadvantaged; and future lawyers, above all others, should understand the Social Responsibility in the Legal Profession as a normal component of their professional activity. For this reason, the Pompeu Fabra University School of Law and the Fernando Pombo Foundation intend for this course to allow participating law students to become aware of and involved in the work of Social Responsibility in the Legal Profession starting today.