Round table: ¿Who is Responsible for Trials by Media? Professional Deontology

Date: November 25, 2013.
Venue: Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid.


Within the framework of activities organized periodically by the Observatory for the Presumption of Innocence and Trials by Media, the Fernando Pombo Foundation, the Comparative Public Law Institute of Carlos III University and the Wolters Kluwer Foundation have organized a round table entitled “Who is responsible for trials by media? Professional deontology”.

 Moderated by:
– Ms. Elsa González. President of the Federation of Journalist Associations of Spain (FAPE).

– Mr. Ángel Juanes. Chief Justice of the Audiencial Nacional.
– Mr. José Manuel Pérez. Deputy General Director. Ministry of the Interior.
– Ms. Rosa Bedregal. Lawyer.
– Mr. Manuel Núñez Encabo. President of the FAPE Commission on Arbitration, Complaints and Journalistic Deontology.