The EXEQUO Project: Guide to the most frequently asked legal issues of victims of gender violence


Date: June 26th2015
Place: C/Castelló, 18 (The Botín Foundation, Madrid, Spain).

On the last 26th of June, the Fernando Pombo Foundation and the Luz Casanova Foundation launched the results of the 2nd Edition of the EXEQUO Project, that this year has been focused on strengthening the rights of women on risk of extreme vulnerability. This project sought to provide the Luz Casanova Foundation with customized legal services during six months. As a result, a Guide to the most frequently asked legal issues of victims of gender-based violence has been published. This guide aims to be a practical tool to assist lawyers in the escort of victims of gender-based violence.

The event, held in premises of the Botín Foundation, served to launch the Guide and to explain the concrete activities jointly with the Luz Casanova Foundation within this project.

PROGRAM (Download)


(From 9:30 to 9:50) “The eradication of gender-based violence. The Spanish performance: successes and remaining challenges”

Ms. Blanca Hernández Oliver. Government’s Deputy for Gender Violence.

Launch of the 2nd Edition of the EXEQUO Project (From 9:50 to 10:10)

  • Carmen Pombo, general manager of the Fernando Pombo Foundation.
  • Julia Almansa, manager of the Luz Casanova Foundation.

Round Table (From 10:10 to 11:00) Practical guide to the most frequently asked legal issues of women who are victims of gender-based violence: a collaborative tool of the legal profession to fight against gender-based violence.

Moderator: Rafael Merino, manager of the EXEQUO Project, Fernando Pombo Foundation


  • Mónica Cofán, lawyer responsible for the 2ndEdition of the EXEQUO Project and Coordinator of the guide.
  • Elena Valverde, coordinator of the Area of Gender-based discrimination of the Luz Casanova Foundation and coordinator of the guide.
  • Concepción Valiente, lawyer and responsible for in-court representation for gender violence of the Bar Association of Madrid. Chairperson of the Gender Violence Sub-commission of the Spanish Bar Association.
  • Lola Navarro, Navarro & Bettschen. Co-authors of the Guide.
  • Adriana Pascual, manager of the Legal Clinic UNIR- Fernando Pombo Foundation
  • José Luis Rodríguez, manager of the Personas y Empresas Foundation.