The Foundation in the IV ENCLE Conference


The Fernando Pombo Foundation was invited to participate in the IV ENCLE (European Nerwork for Clinical Education) Conference ) «Clinical Legal Education and Access to Justice for all: from asylum seekers to excluded communities».

Cristina Puigdengolas — lawyer and coordinator of the project Human rights and business: the role of lawyers —, Ana Higuera — lawyer and coordinator of the Foundation’s Pro Bono Channel — and Rafael Merino — economist and coordinator of projects and communication —, delivered the following presentations:

  • «Best practices to enhance legal clinic education: the role of a collaborating clearinghouse». The Foundation shared its experience and know-how in the identification, design, planning and development of social impact collaborations in legal clinics.

  • «The example of the effective collaboration in legal clinic for more vulnerable or excluded people: The online legal clinic Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) – Fundación Fernando Pombo (FFP)». A session that also included the participation of Adriana Pascual, co-director of the Legal Clinic UNIR-Fernando Pombo Foundation, and Esmeralda Iranzo, a former student of this legal clinic, lawyer and clinic teacher, and where the opportunities and challenges of collaborative work  between a clearinghouse and a university were discussed, sharing the experience of the Legal Clinic UNIR-Fundación Fernando Pombo, the first of its kind on-line in Spain.