What we do



What is the Presumption of innocence Watch?

The Presumption of innocence Watch is a professional and academic forum hosting meetings, exchanges of experience and debates between professionals, students, activists, and judges, as well as others working in the judicial system, such as journalists and communications professionals. It aims to deal with all types of issues related to human rights and justice.

The Presumption of innocence Watch embodies an action line to achieve one of the Foundation’s fundamental objectives related to the defence of human rights. We are passionate in the study, promotion, and defence of the presumption of innocence versus trials by media, as well as the portrayal of all factors that help to strengthen the promise of a fair trial within the scope of a democratic society and the rule of law.

The Presumption of innocence Watch has been created as a result of a Collaboration Agreement with the Institute of Comparative Public Law at the Universidad  Carlos III, Madrid, and the Wolters Kluwer Foundation.


How does it work?

The Governing Council of the Presumption of innocence Watch organises annual projects and other activities. In particular, we organise workshops, seminars, and case studies on topical issues.  These workshops are open to the public and attract experienced and well-known personalities from the world of human rights, justice and journalism.

We also offers training courses for experts in the field of law, journalism, and communication (for post-graduate students or young lawyers, journalists, etc.) and particularly, those dedicated to the study of the factors related to the construction of the presumption of innocence. These complementary training courses will be offered during academic or summer courses at university.

We also promote meetings with associations and interest groups, such as institutions focussing on the safeguards of natural justice and the defence of a fair trial.

The Presumption of innocence Watch carries out research related to its areas of interest, assisted by human rights advocates, law academics, journalists, experts in the defence of human rights, sociologists, etc.  adhered to this body of the Fundación Fernando Pombo.

Additionally, we aim to support online legal publication of the main reports produced within our scope; studies that include contributions to the debates and that generate a significant impact on the research and editorial community.


Governing Council of the Observatory

The Governing Council is the governing body of the Observatory and is made up of Luis Aguiar de Luque, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Rosalina Díaz Valcárcel, Chairperson of the Wolters Kluwer Foundation; Joaquín García-Romanillos Valverde, Chairperson of the Fernando Pombo Foundation; Eduardo Ortega Martín, Senior Litigation Counsel at BBVA; Pablo Pérez Tremps, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Carmen Pombo Morales, Director of the Fernando Pombo Foundation and Ana Mª Ovejero, director of the Universidad Europea de Madrid’s Center of Excellence in Research on Values and Global Society, who acts as secretary.