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The EXEQUO Project oriented its first edition on strengthening the rights of the homeless. For that reason, the Fernando Pombo Foundation selected as:

  • The beneficiary entity: The RAIS Foundation. This foundation is a state-level independent, plural, non-profit organization and was created in 1998. Its main aim is to fight against social exclusion and address the needs of the most disadvantaged people and, in particular, the homeless.
  • The selected lawyer: Cristina Puigdengolas, She has more than twenty years of experiences as a lawyer.

(On this link you may access the Grant Terms and Conditions for non profit entities of the 1st Edition of the EXEQUO Project).

Fruit of the first edition of the EXEQUO Project, the Fernando Pombo Foundation has launched its Practical guide to the customary legal issues of people living on the street and the Legal report on Peniaphobia: fear of poverty

(Please click the image to download the guide)

(Please click the image to download the report)

(Cristina Puigdengolas, the selected lawyer to work with the RAIS Foundation) 

The Fernando Pombo Foundation has counted in this edition of EXEQUO Project on the support of the International Bar Association Foundation:

International Bar Association



Presentation of the EXEQUO Project’s Legal Guide regarding the Homeless to charitable organisations

On 4 December, the Foundation was invited by the Federation of Entities and Centres for integration and assistance to marginalized groups (FACIAM) to the 5th Housing First Conference, held in Madrid, in order to present its “Practical guide to the customary legal issues of people living on the street to the more than 150 charitable organisations supporting the homeless that came together at the conference. In addition, the Foundation gave each attendee a copy of the Guide as well as a “Legal report on Peniaphobia: fear of poverty.

Presentation of the “Practical guide to the customary legal issues of people living on the street” at FACIAM

On 28 November, the Fernando Pombo Foundation had the pleasure of presenting their “legal tools” for the rights of the homeless at the FACIAM General Assembly. Both publications were prepared within the framework of the first edition of the EXEQUO Project, together with the RAIS Foundation.

The objective of FACIAM is an ethical commitment to the prevention, assistance and social integration of the homeless. In recent years it has managed to consolidate an extensive aid network which at today’s date has 570 beds in temporary shelters, 603 spots at soup kitchens and 310 spots at day centres available for the homeless. These services are complemented with a number of social support resources, such as orientation and social integration workshops, psychological assistance, individual and group assistance and social support.

Information Session for the directors of the RAIS group

In the final stretch of the EXEQUO Project, the Fernando Pombo Foundation and the RAIS Foundation have participated jointly in a work session on the legal issues that affect the homeless most often.

The session, several hours in length, was intended for the directors and managers of the RAIS group, and was led by the attorney that developed the project, Cristina Puigdengolas, who was accompanied by Claudio Fernández and Ricardo Peña, two of the volunteer lawyers who have participated actively throughout the duration of the project. The session had two main objectives: first, to inform the directors of managers of the RAIS group on the EXEQUO project, and, second, to discuss the sustainability of the project through the consolidation of the “Network of Lawyers for Sustainability”.

Conclusion of free legal services

March 1st, 2014.- As we come to the end of the designated time for the completion of the project (3 months), we enter into the phase of the review and circulation of the results and legal materials produced by the executor of the project, Cristina Puigdengolas, who has enjoyed the invaluable support of a group of volunteer lawyers who, from now on, will be the engine of the Network of Volunteers for Sustainability of the EXEQUO Project.

During the month of March there will be an information session for the directors and managers of the RAIS Foundation Group with the aim of presenting the project and the goals achieved, as well as introducing some of the future members of the Network of Volunteers for Sustainability.

Meeting of the Sustainability Volunteer Network

December 9st, 2013.- RAIS Foundation and the Fernando Pombo Foundation jointly organized the “Meeting of the EXEQUO Project’s Sustainability Volunteer Network” at the RAIS Foundation’s “Carmen Sacristán” homeless shelter.

This meeting had a dual objective: on the one hand, to introduce the work carried out by the RAIS Foundation to the EXEQUO Project volunteers, and on the other hand, to make initial contact with the homeless people currently residing at the shelter, who described their different personal experiences and gave us their opinions on the most frequent legal aspects affecting the homeless.

This meeting kicked off a new stage of the EXEQUO Project, in which Cristina Puigdengolas (an EXEQUO lawyer), working with volunteer lawyers, will identify and compile the legal problems most frequently suffered by homeless people.

Campaign in honor of World Homeless Day

November 21st, 2013.- In honor of World Homeless Day, the Fernando Pombo Foundation hopes this video will draw attention to the fundamental role the legal profession can play in helping to improve the quality of life of homeless people.

The RAIS Foundation has been designated as the selected entity by the Fernando Pombo Foundation to develop the EXEQUO Project


October 30th, 2013. – The Rais Foundations has been designated as the beneficiary of the EXEQUO Project by the Fernando Pombo Foundation, among all the candidates committed to the caring of homeless people in Madrid.

As a result, the RAIS Foundation has been provided with customized legal services during three months. Cristina Puigdengolas was the lawyer chosen by the Fernando Pombo Foundation to offer these services. She has more than twenty years of experiences as a lawyer. She has worked in legal departments of multinationals such as Telefónica, UniCredit, KPMG, Praxair or Bank of New York Mellon. Moreover, she has a large academic background in universities such as Berkeley, Columbia, London Metropolitan, and has taught in business schools such as Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and Il Sole 24 Ore of Milan.

The EXEQUO Project of the Fernando Pombo Foundation has aimed to address the specific legal needs of the beneficiary entity, RAIS, and those of the homeless RAIS looks after. Furthermore, it has offered legal support in the accomplishment of the entity’s goals, by focusing on the transparency of the RAIS Foundation. Ultimately, the project has sought to progress in ensuring social inclusion of the homeless and to strengthen the chosen entity institutionally, by means of the provision of a legal due diligence.

The project started with a process of co-creation, where both entities defined a working line and an appropriate approach to its correct development. During the grant-making process, the fact that the RAIS Foundation attended in 2012 to 3.185 people in the threshold for the most extreme exclusion has been valued very positively.