What we do

Legal pro bono counseling


Through the Pro Bono Channel, the Fernando Pombo Foundation enables lawyers to altruistically – pro bono – put their legal knowledge in practice, in order to help charities, social entrepreneurs and, in general, public interest law initiatives that seek to promote the legal profession`s engagement with the rights of the underprivileged. All this is done in order to enhance the role of lawyers as social leaders, as agents of social change.


What type of legal pro bono counseling does the Fernando Pombo Foundation offer?

  • Transactional pro bono: through specialized legal counseling to strengthen social entities.
  • Public interest pro bono: lawyer’s pro bono activity aimed to the best social projects in order to achieve a multiplier effect (law reform, legal strategies with social impact, etc.).

The Fernando Pombo Foundation only plays a role in those areas where bar associations are not present through public defenders and legal aid services.


The power of pro bono collaborations




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