What we do

Multiply: the future of the legal profession and Legal Clinics

MULTIPLÍCATE is an innovative initiative of the Fernando Pombo Foundation that seeks the promotion and development of the multiplier effect of the legal profession for it so serve the underprivileged.



a) engage today the lawyers of tomorrow in the defense of the rights of the underprivileged.

b) increase the legal profession’s social awareness.


How we do it?

1. Training and awareness raising of Law students: through talks and workshops about pro bono and social responsibility of law in Law faculties. The Foundation has conveyed more than 80 training activities in more than 20 universities, reaching more than 3,000 future lawyers.

2. Promotion of Legal Clinic projects: this is an innovative teaching methodology based on learning-service activities, in which Law students learn Law and, at the same time, contribute with their responses to the specific legal need of a social entity or underprivileged group. The Fernando Pombo Foundation has coordinated more than 50 real social entity cases in collaboration with specialized lawyers, professors and students.

MULTIPLÍCATE in the first person