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Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Volunteer day 2014 

In 2014 the Madrid Food Bank presented the Fernando Pombo foundation an award for its continuous support throughout the year both with volunteering and pro bono work.

Spain suffers from a growing problem of hunger.

Every year the law firm Gómez -Acebo & Pombo organizes a community day with the Madrid food bank. In December 2014 a large group of volunteers went to two different logistics centers in Madrid to help in the categorization of food.

Additionally, the previous month the law firm actively participated in a major collection of food “la gran recogida” organized by the same food bank, in which more than 21,000 tons of food were collected throughout Spain.


Fourth International Week of Corporative Volunteer

The Give & Gain Day is a global and now consolidated movement which aims at promoting corporate volunteering as a key tool to community engagement. It’s framework is corporate social responsibility strategies of companies throughout the world.

The give and gain day is an initiative which takes place in more than 28 countries and in the first three editions it has achieved to involve directly in Spain already 3600 volunteers.

The Fernando Pombo foundation has participated in Spain for the second year on a row in this initiative.

The following activities where organized in this context in Madrid by the Fernando Pombo foundation:

  • a 4hour practical seminar on the main taxation responsibilities for non profit organizations, which took place at the Madrid bar association. More that 40 NGOs attended the seminar.
  • community day with the Madrid food bank 

Moreover, the Fernando Pombo foundation organized the following activities in Barcelona within this initiative:

  • Lecture on Social Responsibility and the Third Sector, within the course: “A sustainable legal profession. The Social Responsibility of the Legal Profession (SRLP).” The course was organized jointly with the Law Faculty of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.
  • Community day with the Barcelona food bank.

More information on the official website of Give & Gain Day 2014 


Run for a cause, run for education

In January 2015, more than 10 000 people run today simultaneously in Madrid, Seville, Cádiz, León, Valladolid, Malaga and Murcia. The cause: to promote education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Entreculturas third annual race for a cause has raised more than 100 000 € that will fund the building of six new classrooms, with bathrooms and school furniture, in the Mweso territory, on North Kivu (Democratic Republic of Congo).

The Fernando Pombo Foundation has supported this race since its firs edition in 2011. The Foundation is a sponsor and provides volunteers that help with the organization of the race, as well as pro bono legal support. 


Volunteer Day in Madrid, 2013.

This year, Gómez-Acebo & Pombo will celebrate Volunteer Day at the Banco de Alimentos de Madrid (the Madrid Food Bank).



The SOMOS Day was celebrated on 24 May 2013. The idea was raised by 35 NGOs that wanted to extend their gratitude to the supportive people. Fernando Pombo Foundation joined the initiative thanking everybody for their unconditional support.

To visit the official web page of the campaign: http://www.somosasi.org/


International Corporate Volunteer Week

The Third International Corporate Volunteer Week, so called Give&Gain Day, was held in Spain from 13 till 17 May, and it was organized by Foretica. Fernando Pombo Foundation took its part by organising a series of activities in several cities in Spain in collaboration with various NGOs and Bar Associations.

In total in Spain, 65 corporate volunteer projects have been executed, in which 987 employees from 32 companies have participated and 51 entities have collaborated, benefiting a total of 9835 people, beside the benefitted natural areas.

Here you can find information of the rest of the activities organized by the Foundation.


Humanitarian campaign in Valencia

Once again, the Law office Gómez-Acebo & Pombo organized a collection campaign, this time for the Food Bank of Valencia.



Voluntary day in Madrid

Once again, Gomez-Acebo & Pombo jointly with the NGO Madre Coraje, organized a Voluntary Day in Madrid. A group of volunteers divided in morning and afternoon shifts, began sorting and packaging of the goods that lately were distributed to the beneficiaries.

The results are the following ones:

– 146kg of food were classified and packed, 50 kg of books, 30kg of labeled clothes, 445kg of office school materials, and 26kg of other supplies.

– Also, 56kg of radiography for recycling was collected. With the silver extracted from each radiograph, Madre Coraje obtains funding. This is one of the many ways for financing the projects for international cooperation with Peru, which is the main goal of this entity.

The rest of the goods that cannot be sent to Peru because of customs circumstances, were also classified. One part of these goods will be sold in their humanitarian store and the other part will be donated to caritas Madrid and will be delivered to people at risk of social exclusion.

More information


Second Support campaign in Valencia

A collection is performed for the second time for the Foundation Padre Alegre ”El Cottolengo”. This year´s campaign exceeded the amount of collected goods, comparing with the previous one. This organization gathers people with incurable diseases or people without financial resources, forming a part of the Cottolengo family.


Christmas campaign in Lisbon

A food collection campaign is organised for the program Judo na Alta de Lisboa. This program attends 687 children and young people of the Special Rehousing Program (SRP) and other children from the neighborhood.

A group of volunteers participates in the preparation of the Christmas dinner for homeless people, organised by Comunidade Vida e Paz, organisation whos mission is to welcome homeless and disadvantaged people, helping them to regain their dignity and to (re) construct their life plans through a comprehensive prevention program for rehabilitation and reintegration.


Voluntary day in Valencia

Gomez Acebo & Pombo, in collaboration with the NGO Madre Coraje organised a Voluntary Day in Valencia, on November, 29. Various volunteers helped participating in the work organization and classification of supplies that subsequently were offered for sale at the humanitarian shop. The collected funds were sent to impoverished communities in Peru.


Support Campaign in Valencia
The Valencia office of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo purchased food and other hygiene products during May 2012 for the la Fundación del Padre Alegre “El Cottolengo” that is dedicated to the care of the mentally and physically sick.


Community Service Day

Community Service Day is an annual event that involves organising a charitable activity with a chosen entity that is a friend of the foundation. All Gómez-Acebo & Pombo employees are free to participate.


Collection Campaign for the Deportation Center in Aluche, Madrid

Pueblos Unidos has a program, in conjunction with the Immigration Detention Center of Aluche, Madrid, to help the people detained at the Center. In collaboration with these two entities, the Foundation has started a collection. The objective is to provide volunteers with necessary hygiene products to bring to the Detention Center detainees, since the Center cannot always adequately supply on its own.

More Information on Immigration Detention Centers in Spain


Collection Campaign: Lisbon

The Lisbon office of Gómez-Acebo & Pombo conducted a drive during Christmas of 2011 in collaboration with CHARTIS. They collected more than 200 items (food, personal hygiene products, bed linens and clothing) for CANDEIA, an organization that is dedicated to the support of children that live in orphanages.