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The Fernando Pombo Foundation launches the 3rd edition of the Exequo Project under the name “REFUGEES“, in collaboration with Pueblos Unidos, a reference entity in Spain in accompanying, serving, and defending the cause of migrant people, families and groups.

The initiative arises in an extremely complicated global migration context, in which Fernando Pombo Foundation wants to act as a transforming agent through the legal profession.



  • To promote the rights of people needing international protection.
  • To raise the awareness of the Spanish legal profession as regards international protection.
  • To launch a practical guide for lawyers which allows an adequate legal assistance to people needing international protection.
  • Institutional strengthening of Pueblos Unidos through specialized Pro Bono legal counseling.



Fernando Pombo Foundation and Pueblos Unidos will develop a practical guide for lawyers which will allow an adequate legal assistance to people needing international protection

For that purpose, the Foundation will create a network made up of Pro Bono lawyers, Legal Clinics, social entities, companies and Public Institutions.

Santiago Yerga, a migration lawyer, has been appointed technical coordinator of the guide. He is the CIE Program Coordinator in Pueblos Unidos and he has an outstanding professional experience defending the rights of migrant people, in particular around the Southern Border of Spain.


Previous editions

The first edition was oriented on strengthening the rights of the homeless and the second one on the rights of victims of gender-based violence. In both editions, practical guides for improving legal assistance were launched.

The Exequo Project has received international and national awards due to its degree of innovation and social impact.

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