What we do

Vulnerable people

We work mainly in the following vulnerable groups:

  • Vulnerable women
  • Vulnerable patients
  • The homeless
  • Forced migrants

The Foundation analyses how it can make the most impact on the recognition and defence of the rights of each of the groups it works with, taking into account the current legal framework and social context.

Based on this analysis and on our experience, we then decide which work methodology is the most appropriate in order to achieve the most rigorous and sustainable solutions possible, working with a network of national and international lawyers, NGOs, universities, legal clinics, companies, associations, public administrations and representative institutions.


What type of legal projects do we work on?

  • Pro bono legal advice and training to social organisations that assist vulnerable groups:
    • On legal projects promoting social innovation for these groups.
    • On the defence of these vulnerable groups’ fundamental rights.
  • Pro bono legal collaboration with social organisations on public interest matters.
  • Analysis and research into the rights of vulnerable groups.
  • Development of legal clinics on the rights of vulnerable groups in collaboration with the main Spanish universities.
  • Drafting of proposals for legislative improvements.
  • Presentations on the rights of vulnerable groups at national and international legal innovation forums.