FEDER Award 2013: «Promotion and Protection of the Human Rights»

Date: 8 March 2013
Venue: Spanish Senate


The Spanish rare diseases Federation (FEDER) awarded Fernando Pombo Foundation at the category «Promotion and protection of the Human rights» for the agreement achieved between the two entities in order to respond to the «great injustices and needs» of rare diseases.

The awards ceremony, that will be chaired by the Her Royal Highness the Princess of Asturias, will take part at the Spanish Senate on 8 March 2013, International Rare Diseases Day.

The aim of these awards, named as «FEDER Awards: The heroes of the hope for rare diseases” is to recognize the efforts of all those individuals and entities who, throughout their work, are fighting to obtain a «transformation» of the society regarding the rights of the families who live with these diseases.