First training session of the Observatory. The «Rocio Wanninkhof» case

Date: 11 and 15 April 2013
Venue: The training session for students will take place at the Centre for postgraduate studies Puerta de Toledo, within the University Carlos III of Madrid, and the Master lecture will be held at the centre for Political and Constitutional Studies.


The Observatory for presumption of innocence and parallel trials was created by the Foundation Fernando Pombo, the Institute for Comparative Public law of the University Carlos III of Madrid and the Foundation Wolters Kluwer.

The first training session of the Observatory will be dedicated to the «The Rocio Wanninkhof Case» and will be divided in two activities: one working and training session for the postgraduate students; and one Master session open to the public.


Training session.

In order to fulfill the implementation of the agreement between the Foundation Fernando Pombo and the University Carlos III of Madrid, the first part of the activity will be executed as a part of the curricular activities within the Postgraduate course Access to Practice of Law managed by the UC3M.

The activity will consist of a detailed study of the Rocio Wanninkohof case from an academic point of view, divided in two parts:

  1. Legal-technical and strictly procedural perspective, analyzing each of the elements of the investigation and of the judicial proceeding;
  2. And the influence of information to: the Public Administration, the parties involved in the process, the media, the public opinion, and finally, the impact on the impartiality of the Judge.

Various journalistic resources, as well as judicial decisions and judgments will be taken in consideration in order to carry out successfully the analysis and the debate.



Master session:

The Master lecture, open to the public, will be held at the centre for Political and Constitutional Studies.

Legal dossier
Press dossier (part 1)
Press dossier (part 2)
Press dossier (part 3)

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