“Tackling poverty: the law’s role”, IBA Annual Conference.

Fecha: 7 de Octubre del 2013
Lugar de Celebración: Boston, Estados Unidos.


La Fundación Fernando Pombo participará una vez más en la conferencia anual de la asociación de abogados más grande del mundo, la International Bar Association, IBA.

 La Fundación moderará el panel: “Tackling poverty: the law’s role“, organizado por el IBA POVERTY, EMPOWERMENT AND THE RULE OF LAW WORKING GROUP.

La Fundación se ha incorporado a este Grupo de Trabajo internacional que pretende luchar contra la pobreza mediante la identificación y promoción de soluciones innovadoras desde el punto de vista jurídico.

Programa de la sesión:

Bienvenida del Dr. Peter Maynard

Modera: Carmen Pombo, Directora de la Fundación Fernando Pombo.


  • Chole Hodnerness, Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation. Washington, USA.
  • Wade McMullen, Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, New York, USA.
  • V Kasturi Rangan, Harvard Business School. Boston, USA.
  • James R. Silkenat, President American Bar Association. New York, USA.

Session description:
Where law may become a limiting factor is in crossing the invisible lines that exist between one economic step to the next, ie, from poverty to sustainability, through to profitability (as an individual and as a business). In fact, lack of understanding of the law is as much a limiter as the law itself in some cases. As Nobel Laureate Theodore Shultz put it, ‘Most people in the world are poor. If we knew the economy of being poor, we would know much of the economics that really matter’. Likewise, by a better understanding of the empowerment of the poor, we can construct a rule of law that really matters. Hence there is a strong demand for a discourse on poverty and empowerment with effective economic and legal policy prescriptions.

Book launch: “Poverty, Justice and The Rule of Law”
The Report of the Second Phase of the IBA Presidential Taskforce on the Global Financial Crisis”, Edited by Peter D. Maynard PhD and Neil Gold LSM, LLM sets forth in penetrating detail how the concerns raised by the Global Financial Crisis can be addressed and how the legal profession can put itself at the forefront in tackling developments that have proven detrimental to humanity itself.  Through rigorous analysis and insightful commentary by leading practitioners and academics, the text offers a range of result-oriented solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues.

Poverty, Empowerment and the Rule of Law Action Group:
It is intended to be a group of ‘out of the box thinkers’, lawyers who develop innovative solutions to the challenges of poverty and harness the resources of capitalism in new and innovative ways to meet the challenges, and discuss and develop the legal underpinnings of such solutions.  The working group (WG) will not adopt the traditional approaches to the subject matter and not focus on pure philanthropy as those approaches are adequately covered by other institutions.  The WG will address pressing human problems such as social exclusion, unemployment, debt and the interrelatedness of climate change.

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