The Foundation at the IBA Annual Conference Rome 2018

The International Bar Association (IBA) is the “united nations” of the legal profession. Its first Spanish president (2007-2008) was Fernando Pombo, one of our founders, culminating more than twenty-five years in executive positions in the organization

As a result of Fernando’s legacy and our director, Carmen Pombo’s, connections with the organization, which go back more than 20 years, we carry out a large part of our international activity at the IBA.

Carmen Pombo holds different positions on committees focused on the rule of law and the social responsibility of the legal profession:
• Advisory Board Member of the Section on Public and Professional Interest.
• Co-director of the Rule of Law Forum.
• Vice-chair of the Pro Bono Committee.
• Vice-chair of the Poverty and Social Development Subcommittee.

The 2018 IBA Annual Conference tooe place in Rome, Italy from 7-12 October. The Foundation was represented by Carmen Pombo and its Pro Bono Director, Ana Higuera.

The Foundation organized and participated as speakers at the following sessions (for more information, click here:

  • Global migration: from ‘crisis mode’ to the ‘new normal’.
  • Business, human rights and poverty: strategic advantages and a lawyer’s personal responsibility.
  • Rule of Law Symposium:
    • What is business for the rule of law.
    • Business for the rule of law: business panel perspective.
    • Business for the rule of law: perspective of the business of legal service.
    • 2017 Rule of Law Forum Report.