VII National meeting of legal clinics

This meeting took place on October 19, 2018 at the University of Salamanca and were involved more than twenty legal clinics.

The theme chosen for this year is entitled «University Social Responsibility and Legal Clinics: Another Way for Universities».

The Foundation, through its «Multiplier» project, collaborates with many national and international universities with the aim of training and preparing the lawyers of the future for their role in society, through two types of activities: (i) training and awareness raising, mainly during master’s degree courses in access to the legal profession, and (ii) promoting and developing legal clinic projects.

In addition, since its establishment, the Foundation has actively participated in national and international legal clinic congresses as well as in other national and international academic forums on human rights and the social responsibility of the legal profession

Program for the 7th Congress of Spanish University Legal Clinics.

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