«Worker’s rights and duties.» Seminar in collaboration with the Integra Foundation

March 6th, 2015
Place: Headquarter of Integra Foundation

The Pro Bono Channel of the Fernando Pombo Foundation includes an action line oriented to the education of legal issues to disadvantaged groups.

Among some of the activities in this area, the Fernando Pombo Foundation has collaborated with the Integra Foundation, by the provision of a training module «Worker’s rights and responsibilities» to people at risk of social exclusion.

The Fernando Pombo Foundation collaborates actively by providing legal knowledge to NGOs and socially excluded groups, adapting complex legal information to the audience.

The Integra Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to the accomplishment of job placement of people at risk of social exclusion and people with disabilities. To do so, this foundation mediates with social entities–public and private– and companies, aiming at the actual reintegration into the society and the comprehensive development of their beneficiaries.

Since the beginning of its project, the Integra Foundation has achieved more than 6,500 contracts with more than 100 firms that in the 90 % of cases have assessed very positively the work of those people coming from the Integra Foundation.