Workshop in Lisbon: “Entrepreneurship: key legal issues”

Date: February 18th, 2015
Place: Lisbon, Portugal

Last 18th of February Mafalda Barreto, Sofia Rodrigues Nunes, Sonia Monteiro, Rita Martins Santinho, Filipe Santos Barata, Ana Paula Basilio, David Carvalho Martins and José Manuel Silva Nunes gave a seminar on the key legal issues for social entrepreneurs. The goal of this session was to identify and outline the main legal issues that social entrepreneurs must understand, including tax implications, labor rights, corporate, commercial and administrative law.

This session is framed within a training program to social entrepreneurs of the UAW (United at Work) Project. This is a social experimental project that is also part of the Social Experimentation and Innovation Program of the Social Innovation Bank (BIS) promoted by Santa Casa Misericordia de Lisboa. It was created in order to contribute to the development of an active employment policy that fosters the integration of unemployed youth and adults into social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Particularly, this session was carried out within the framework of the Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Program– within the UAW Project– that seeks intergenerational collaboration for the co-creation of entrepreneurship projects and social innovation, thus, promoting employment and viability of corporate initiatives developed jointly by skilled and unemployed adults and young people.