The Foundation

Carmen Pombo


Carmen Pombo is the chief executive of the Fernando Pombo Foundation, an organisation that promotes the legal profession’s engagement with the rights of the underprivileged.

A graduate of ICADE Law School, she entered the Madrid Bar Association in 1998 and in 2005 she was awarded an MBA.

Carmen specialised in Intellectual Property Law at the multinational firm of patent attorneys, Clarke Modet & Co., and was a member and secretary of its board of directors. She then worked as a technology transfer lawyer at the Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe, a biomedical research centre focussed on pharmaceutical discovery and regenerative medicine.

Carmen is a frequent speaker at both national and international conferences and high level meetings on pro bono volunteering and human rights, the rule of law and social responsibility in the legal profession. She also lectures in various law schools including ICADE, Universidad Carlos III, Universidad de Navarra (being a member of the advisory board of the law school) and McGeorge School of Law.

Throughout her career, Carmen has held, and continues to hold, significant positions at the International Bar Association IBA. Currently she is a member of the Advisory Board of the Council of the Public and Professional Interest Group Division; co-chair of the Rule of Law Forum; Senior vice-chair of the Poverty and Social Development Subcommittee; and vice-chair of the Pro Bono Committee.

Carmen has been a member of the council of PILnet (Public Interest Law Global Network), since 2013, which organises the European Pro Bono Forum.

In 2017 Carmen was appointed to the international advisory board of the CEEILI Institute, Advancing the Rule of Law.

Carmen speaks fluently in Spanish, English, and French and has a good level in German.