We develop projects focused on strengthening the rule of law and human rights for the most vulnerable segments of the population, involving the legal profession. We work locally and globally with transformative projects, combining innovation and legal excellence to make a greater social impact.

Lines of action


We seek out legal solutions to improve access and enjoyment of all human rights to the most vulnerable individuals.
Vulnerable women

We work on the defence of rights of victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Health and social exclusion

We protect Access to rights of individuals with health problems who are also in a situation of exclusion or risk. More about our work in this social area.


We try to find and propose new legal solutions and responses to promote and protect the rights of forced migrants.


We try to make this reality visible in the legal profession and promote Access to basic rights of homeless persons.


We strive to turn the concept of “Responsible legal practice” into a reality, by shifting the perspective of today’s legal professionals and training tomorrow’s leading lawyers, so that they can be key players in social transformation.
Pro Bono culture and good practices

Pro bono is a fundamental tool of a “Responsible Legal practice” and it is therefore why we have created the first pro bono coordination centre (clearinghouse) in Spain.

Companies and human rights

We carry out research and work with business advocacy in its role in preventing, protecting and remedying the impact that companies have on human rights.

Rule of Law y Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Trabajamos para fortalecer el Imperio de la ley y la contribución de la abogacía en los ODS.

University training

We train and raise the awareness of future lawyers on the ethical and socially responsible exercise of their profession.

Legal Clinics

We participate in the expansion of the “service-based learning” method in Spanish universities.

Social Enterprise

We collaborate on new projects that further the advancement of social enterprise.


Awareness and understanding of the challenges facing the legal profession and human rights in the digital era, as well as making the most of new technologies in order to move towards the fulfilment of our goals, is key in our work.
Tokens Pombo

This is a ground-breaking initiative in the legal sector aimed at promoting our projects geared towards vulnerable populations, by forming a network of pro bono lawyers from Gómez-Acebo & Pombo and the use of blockchain in order to endow our projects with greater transparency and traceability.

Technology and Human Rights

We conduct research on the latest trends and implications of new technological advances in justice and human rights.