Participation in a forum on innovation in trafficking
The Asociación TRABE and Fundación Fernando Pombo have been invited to participate and form part...
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Sesión en abierto sobre tecnología y pro bono
Co-organizamos y participamos en la sesión gratuita y en abierto: “The use of technology in...
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Business and Human Rights: Assessment and Current Situation on the Fulfilment of the Three Pillars
The Ruggie Principles support the self-regulation of businesses as the most efficient method to make...
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Human trafficking for sexual exploitation
A Comparative Legal Study on detection and identification of victims. SEE THE PUBLICATION
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The role of the lawyer in implementing the Ruggie Principles: 8 good practices for corporate lawyers.
This is the English version of the book published in 2015 by the Foundation, which...
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Second chance guide for persons in a vulnerable situation
This is a practical and accessible online tool for lawyers that assist vulnerable women and...
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Presumption of innocence and trial by media in comparative law
Today, the most significant violations of law in the presumption of innocence are closely connected...
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The role of lawyers in implementing the Ruggie principles: 8 good practices for business lawyers
This book is a collective work in which the key role of the legal profession...
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Interest of the minor aggressor versus the interest of the minor victim of gender-based violence in proceedings of minors
Can adolescents commit gender-based violence offences? If the aggressor is a minor, can an order...
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Psychological violence and evidential difficulties in gender-based violence cases
In this report, we analyse the judgements and orders issued by the Courts of Violence...
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Practical guide for legal advice for victims of gender-based violence
This guide is a new practical tool for the legal profession and other professionals working...
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Practical guide on the common legal casuistry of persons in the street
This is a pioneering work in defence of the rights of homeless persons, where solutions...
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Fundación Fernando Pombo

La Fundación Fernando Pombo promueve iniciativas jurídicas encaminadas a fortalecer el Estado de derecho y los derechos humanos. Trabajamos local y globalmente, combinando innovación y excelencia jurídica para generar un mayor impacto social.

Queremos una abogacía protagonista que luche por los derechos humanos, que se involucre contra las injusticias del mundo Fernando Pombo, Fundador