Social Enterprise

We work to ensure that the legal profession spearheads the development of socially responsible investment, the sustainability of the social sector and social enterprise in Spain and abroad. To this end, we focus our work on three areas: the creation of projects entailing Pro Bono legal advice for initiatives that seek to improve society through new forms of sustainable business; research on innovative legal formulas for the sustainability of NGOs and social entrepreneurs, especially concerning the development of Social Impact Bonds; and participation in national and international forums.

“Social entrepreneurship: a strategic growth area for law firms in the 2020s”

Chapter in Modern Legal Practice, Globe Law and Business 2020. Norman Clark, Principal, Walker Clark LLC and Carmen Pombo, CEO & Founder, Fundación Fernando Pombo.

In New York, Carmen Pombo delivered the award to the CEO of LexisNexis (FTSE Top 20 – RELX) for leadership exhibited in strengthening the Rule of Law. This award, bestowed by the UN Foundation, recognises people and organisations that carry out extraordinary work for the global community and work to advance the goals of the United Nations. Many distinguished people attended the act, including Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland.

The relationship between the Fundación Fernando Pombo and LexisNexis goes back to its inception and includes significant and ongoing collaboration through the International Bar Association.

The LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation was recently created. “I trust that we shall continue to collaborate with LexisNexis in projects that strengthen the Rule of Law and prove to be significant in changing the lives of those who are most vulnerable”, added Carmen Pombo in her address.

The Rule of Law is the basis for the development of peaceful, just and prosperous societies. Specifically, it encompasses the following four concepts, based on the separation of executive, legislative and judicial powers: equality under the law; public and transparent laws; independence of the Judiciary and access to means for redress.



We actively participate in the main forums for knowledge and development of social enterprise, with the aim of involving the legal profession in the promotion of innovative initiatives. Specifically, we collaborate within the legal context with social and investment entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, in national and international legal conferences, we share the Foundation’s experience as a legal promoter of innovative social enterprise initiatives in Spain and Portugal.



We collaborate with Fundación Botín in its Solidary Talent Challenge, in which we provide the legal know-how of our Pro Bono lawyers for the drafting and execution of start-up agreements for winning projects.

The Solidary Talent Challenge from Fundación Botín is an initiative that generates a collaborative environment as an innovative way of working. In addition to participating in its selection committee for winning projects, we also analyse the legal viability of selected projects.



Over-indebtedness is increasingly present, especially amongst the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population who seek out this financial instrument in order to survive or aspire to a better life.

In the case of women who are trafficking and/or domestic violence victims, the risk and exposure to over-indebtedness multiplies, especially due to debt that they carry from their aggressors and/or traffickers and derived from loans and credits contracted on many occasions in order to pay for their basic, day-to-day expenses such as food and housing.

Through the “Second Chance” project, we conduct research aimed at reducing the barriers that impede the access to rights for those persons who are vulnerable due to over-indebtedness, in order to improve their access to rights that will help them break out of the cycle of exclusion.