The Foundation understands that our greatest responsibility now is to keep working towards our founding goals, albeit by reorienting our projects in order to mitigate the consequences brought on by the COVID-19 crisis to the most vulnerable populations.
We are working closely and intensely with social entities and other institutions in order to identify the most pressing and urgent legal problems facing those population groups which face systemic vulnerability or that, due to the crisis, are currently in an especially fragile situation, such as the elderly, homeless persons, human trafficking victims or disabled persons, among others.
By working alongside lawyers from Goméz-Acebo & Pombo as well as diverse social entities such as Cáritas Madrid, Asociación TRABE, Pueblos Unidos, Down España, HogarSí and Grandes Amigos, among others, we have been able to draft and promote a series of legal guides and analysis documents aimed at professionals in the Third Sector (Voluntary Sector) as well as those persons that are directly affected, in order to contribute to the improvement in access to rights in a scenario which is complex and difficult. All of these materials are available to the public free of charge on this web page.
Likewise, we also act as a think tank, encouraging professionals to reflect on the role of Law in the major challenges our society is facing in the coming months and years, along with social entities, universities and other national and international organisations within the legal sector.