“Dare to E-Defy”: gender-based violence and data protection

The Clinton Global Initiative University community (CGIU), an initiative promoted by the Clinton Foundation, has selected our project “Dare to E-Defy”.

For many years, the Fundación Fernando Pombo has tirelessly worked to defend the rights of victims of gender-based violence, and during this past year, during which social relationships have been relegated to digital contact, we have focused our efforts on gender-based violence in digital environments.

The use of technology by youth is beneficial in many aspects. However, it can also lead to violence, which can occur quite easily because access to victims is nearly immediate. If young people receive proper education in this matter, it is estimated that the risk of self-exposure on networks would be reduced and, accordingly, digital gender-based violence would be greatly lessened.

For this reason, our paralegal, Alejandra Martín, and the Fundación Fernando Pombo are committed to the eradication of gender-based violence in general, but, more specifically, to the prevention of digital violence against young women. This commitment for action intends to raise awareness on digital violence and data protection for victims by creating educational material with a legal focus which is written in easily accessible and understandable language in order to educate victims of digital violence.