Legal clinics

We have opted to rely on clinics as the tool used by the legal profession for social transformation from the university. Legal clinics are a university space with a service-based learning model in which law students participate by learning under the guidance of professors (practicing lawyers) while they resolve real cases for the benefit of vulnerable populations.
We have been a part of the legal clinic movement since it began in Spain and this has allowed us to bring a more comprehensive vision to the university environment. We work with different universities and their legal clinics, both in the creation and consolidation thereof. Moreover, we develop specific projects concerning matters of public interest related to our action lines. We also participate in national and international legal clinic forums.
* Challenge Based Learning Award 2019
Finalist in the European Pro Bono Awards 2016



We develop specific projects with various legal clinics. We act on a case-by-case basis, as clinic professors, beneficiaries, as partners that propose strategic cases for the clinic and sometimes as clinic coordinators where nearly all of the foregoing aspects converge. Moreover, in 2013 we created, jointly with the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, the first online legal clinic in Europe; we co-directed this clinic for five years, resolving over 60 clinic cases, with more than 30 beneficiary NGOs and more than 200 students.



For 10 years, we have actively supported the introduction and development of the service-based learning methodology at various Spanish universities and have promoted legal clinics within the legal sector. We promote good practices used in this method both in national and international forums, in order to guarantee social impact, the proper provision of services and rigor in students’ learning.