Report: An Approach to the Reality of Trafficked Women

The report “An Approach to the Reality of Trafficked Women” takes a look at all the phases that a surviving victim of trafficking goes through during her protection and recovery process, identifying and making visible the barriers that persist in her access to the rights recognized in international instruments.

The purpose of the report is to make visible the barriers that persist for the full recognition of the rights of victim-survivors. The report highlights the need for:

The construction of a protection structure that is sufficient, has a budget and is homogeneous for all regions of the country.
The implementation of well-defined work processes that are consistent with the regulations.

The definition of clear objectives based on an ongoing work strategy.

The value of this diagnosis lies in the way it covers all the situations surrounding trafficking. In a way, it is like going hand in hand with a victim, contemplating all the stages she goes through until she obtains protection and sees her rights guaranteed.

From 2018 until now, I have no rights; I have no registration, I cannot work, I cannot go to the hospital. The last time I went to a hospital was in 2018, they tell me that my residency and my Social Security number are expired. I can’t take an appointment at the doctor and I am sick.”
(Testimony of a survivor included in the report)

The report is one of the main results of Rights for Change, a project of the TRABE Association and the Fernando Pombo Foundation focused on improving access to rights for victims and/or survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Download the full report and its executive report by clicking on the cover pages.