“Legal kit” against gender-based violence through digital media in adolescence

We present the practical guide “Violencia de género por medios digitales en la adolescencia. Dudas legales más frecuentes” and the informative brochure “No lo elimines ¡denúncialo!”, with which we hope to contribute to generate greater confidence and legal certainty for the many adolescents who, on a daily basis, are victims of gender violence by this channel, as well as to create a useful reference material not only for the victims and their families but also for the different institutions that watch over the protection of children and adolescents.

The practical guide, which has been developed in collaboration with a team of pro bono lawyers from Gómez-Acebo & Pombo and the Luz Casanova Foundation, provides a practical overview of how to act and what legal aspects should be taken into account when faced with a case of gender violence by digital means. It addresses, among other issues:

  • What behaviors constitute a crime in the digital environment.
  • Violence through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…) and through the cell phone (calls, WhatsApp, SMS…); how to proceed in these cases.
  • The digital evidence: how it can be proved that it has been done and who has done it.
  • What happens after the complaint, how is the procedure.
  • Where to go for advice.

The informative brochure is a joint initiative of the Fernando Pombo Foundation, the Legal Clinic of the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Luz Casanova Foundation.


In addition, as part of this collaboration with the university, five awareness-raising videos have been prepared on the main crimes that occur through digital media, aimed especially at adolescents:





Threats, blackmail, sextortion:




This “legal kit” has been awarded at the Global Awards of PILnet (Public Interest Law Network) as the best pro bono project in the Local Pro Bono Impact category, thus becoming the first Spanish pro bono project to win this award.


We also leave you the video of the round table discussion and presentation of the guide and the brochure, which took place on the occasion of the “Conference on pro bono and violence against women” organized by the Foundation, within the framework of the III Annual Conference on Pro Bono in Spain.