Practical guide “Possible applications of the Second Chance Law to people in vulnerable situations”.

In 2015, the Fernando Pombo Foundation launched the “Second Chance” Project to help improve the lives of vulnerable people who are also in a situation of over-indebtedness. To do so, we analyzed different situations and real cases in collaboration with social entities that made us think of the need to develop a practical guide to explain in a simple and accessible way the second chance mechanism, whose first edition was published in 2017.

In 2020, on the occasion of the reform of the Bankruptcy Law, the Foundation decided to produce a second edition of the guide Possible applications of the Second Chance Law to people in vulnerable situations (Posibles aplicaciones de la Ley de Segunda Oportunidad a personas en situación vulnerable, in Spanish), which can be downloaded at this link.

It provides examples that allow social entities to identify potential beneficiaries and support them throughout the process, an explanation of the existing mechanisms available to them -out-of-court payment agreements and the benefit of exoneration of unsatisfied liabilities- and a series of useful final recommendations.

The project team was formed by Patricia Fita, Ana Higuera, Alejandra Martín, Rafael Merino and Carmen Pombo (for the Fernando Pombo Foundation), Leticia Aiguabella, Ariadna Bueno, Juan Manuel de Castro, Sofía Fernández, José Antonio Gómez, Julio Jiménez and María Senabre (for Gómez-Acebo & Pombo) and Cristina Soler, (from Cáritas Madrid).



We leave you the video of the round table discussion and presentation of the guide that took place on the occasion of the Conference on pro bono and violence against women organized by the Foundation, within the framework of the III Annual Conference on Pro Bono in Spain.